Monsoon Madness

2014-06-09_154158Statistically, and I have checked this, May can be one of the wettest and most humid months of the year on Phuket. Everyone is looking to the sky, and when the rains do not come, tempers become short and kid’s behavior can get a little “crazy” as the weather gets to everyone . But don’t let the heat get your family down as there are many  perks to being on Phuket in the month of May, and it is certainly a great time to visit:

  • The high season crowds begin to disappear creating a more relaxed atmosphere at the beach.
  • Many top hotels bring back the very extravagant but affordable Sunday brunch. So sit by a pool and take advantage of the feast.
  • This is a great time for a mini-break as hotels offer very affordable deals and packages.
  • There is some cloud cover which means the sun’s intensity is somewhat diminished.
  • You can watch spectacularly brilliant thunder storms.
  • Even if it rains, the rain generally does not last all day!
  • And the winds begin to pick up- so get down to the beach and fly that kite!

So don’t sit at home feeling crotchety and testy from the heat! Lash out on a weekend away or day out at the pool or beach with the kids.

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Question of the week

We are a family of four, two adults and two children, and we will be staying between Karon and Kata beaches. What is the best way to get to our hotel from Phuket Airport?

There are a few ways to organise getting to your hotel. A lot may depend on the length of your flight to Phuket and the time of your arrival.  One option is to request a transfer from your hotel. This may cost a little more but you have the advantage of being greeted by your driver at the airport, without needing to haggle for a price. Another option is to walk through the airport foyer, once outside turn right and you will find the Phuket Taxi Meter stand. These taxis have set prices.  Another option is to book a taxi within the inner Phuket Airport arrivals hall- although these are usually slightly more expensive. I would avoid booking a mini bus as you may be delayed waiting for other passengers to fill the bus.  I hope this helps and I wish your family a wonderful holiday on Phuket.

Hot new listing: Bann Teelanka

If you have driven along the Bypass recently you may have looked twice and thought your eyes were deceiving you! This is not an optical illusion but Bann Teelanka, also known as the Upside Down House. This phantasm is sure to keep children busy all day long.  Care has been taken to ensure this house has been kitted out with attention to detail that really will spin your head and turn you on your heels.

But the house is only one part of this attraction. The garden maze has been designed by award winning,  Adrian Fisher Designs from the UK. When you do find your way out of the maze meet for a de-brief at the café. This attraction is really a great treat for the kids and a wonderful day out on Phuket for the family.