Phuket Restaurants – Eating out with Children

Phuket makes dining out with a child a pleasant experience. It is customary for staff to amuse children whilst parents finish their meal. Children can spill rice and leave ice cubes melting but the waiting staff will only smile and said mai pen rai- never mind. A small tip also helps!

There are lots of healthy foods to feed hungry kids in Thailand. Rice is a great standby. It is hygienic and easy to eat. It can be eaten alone, or topped with anything; vegetables, fish, chicken or meat. ‘Khao Tom’ (boiled rice soup) can be eaten with chicken, beef or vegetables and is a typical toddler’s meal in Thailand.

The fish in Phuket is delicious when steamed or grilled but beware of bones. It is recommended that young children do not eat shellfish because of the potential allergy risks. If your child does have a food allergy it is best to have the ingredients written in Thai so you can be sure the restaurant understands your child’s dietary needs.

Bananas are a transportable and delicious food. Almost everywhere serves banana pancakes and even the fussiest child likes eats this. There is a wonderful desert called sticky rice and mango, which is enjoyed by everyone. There are also a large variety of fruit shakes and drinks available in Phuket. Children will enjoy trying banana, watermelon and coconut shakes.

Tap water is not used for drinking in Phuket. Restaurants will use bottled water.

Wherever you go in Phuket, the food is tasty. There are so many places to eat on Phuket that it is impossible to list them all. I have not included global franchises. You will find them easily enough. Instead I have included some of the venues that not only appeal to children but also are unique to Phuket. Mums and dads will also enjoy the food and the ambience too.

Kids Bites

  • The Hardstand Café

    This venue is a very casual kids friendly eatery within Boat Lagoon. If you are there for a swim, tennis lesson or looking at boats  why not drop in for 

  • Swensens’ Phuket

    You will not miss the Swensen's ice cream shop in Phuket Town, Tescos Lotus Bypass and Central Festival. The shops are coloured as a lollipop and have all the attributes...

  • Natural Restaurant Phuket

    This is a quirky restaurant with possibly the most novel decorations in Phuket Town. There are fish tanks posing as television sets, brick a brack from the sixties era, unusual

  • Gitano Restaurant Phuket

    The ever smiling hosts Miguel and Lin will ensure your tastebuds are in for a treat! The menu is Asian fusion, light on the chillies but full of flavour...

  • Laem Hin Seafood Phuket

    Leam Hin is well frequented by local Thais. The restaurant is set on wooden stilts above the water. Long tail fishing boats come to the restaurant and deposit their catch,

  • Friendship Beach Resort Phuket

    This bungalow resort on the south of the island has a pool side restaurant. On Sundays there is often live jazz music or other entertainment...