Hospitals, Clinics and Dentists

There are several well-regarded Hospitals the bigger of which include Dentists. There are also a large number of clinics for smaller emergencies.

They can and do vary massively in price and in facilities offered.

  • Vachira Phuket Hospital

    This hospital was built in 1906. It is a large public hospital with over 500 beds. There are over 70 physicians including 66 specialist doctors.

  • Phuket International Hospital

    Phuket International hospital opened in 1982 and was the first international hospital in the area. The hospital has over one hundred beds and treats thousands of patients every year.

  • Patong Hospital

    Patong Hospital is the major medical infrastructure in Patong Beach. If you are staying on the west coast this will be the closest hospital facility.

  • Mission Hospital

    The Mission Hospital Phuket was established by the Christian Medical Foundation, as part of a worldwide network.

  • Bangkok Hospital Phuket Dental Centre

    The Bangkok Hospital Phuket Dental Centre now has a paediatric dental specialist from Bangkok. Dr. Rungsima has experience working with young children and comes well recommended.

  • Medical Care in Phuket – Hospitals for Kids

    It is reassuring as a parent to know that there are international standard hospitals in Phuket and various clinics around the island. Most of the large private hospitals have translators...

  • Children Health Problems in Phuket

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